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Rethinking the Family Car: Going Eco-Friendly On the Road

I am certain you’ve seen the commercials on television for the new all electric automobiles. And just so you understand we’re not referring to the hybrids that run on both gas and electric, we’re referring to electric cars which use 100% electricity to power them. About 20 years ago this was something that was a science fiction fantasy, but now this is a thing that is true reality. At this point in time you’re only going to discover a few organizations which are actually building these types of vehicles. In this post we are going to be looking at the benefits as well as the drawbacks to the electric car.

The point that you will be able to drive right by gasoline stations without ever having to pull in to fill up is one of the major benefits of having electric car. I am certain you have to already be thinking how much money you can in fact save by not needing to fill up every week with gas. If you do a little bit of math you’re going to realize that this can wind up being a savings of over $3000 each year if you wind up spending about $60.00 a week on gas. You ought to also understand that $3000 extra each and every year is something that could actually end up improving your lifestyle.

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Wanting to live green implies not wanting to squander energy and one way to do it is related to the vehicle you drive. Since the beginning of the automobile industry, we have used petroleum to fuel the majority of the cars across the world. Because petroleum is a nonrenewable resource, we’re running out of it. It depends on who you listen to, but the gas supply gets less each year, due to the world’s demand for oil. It might not take place the following year or the year after, but sooner or later it is going to happen. See the Everything Boston site for more on this topic. Because there’s a green energy source in water which can power a car or truck, why wait to get started using it.

You may think that it is impossible for a car to be run on oil, but it is true that the hydrogen for water can actually power a car. The very first hydrogen powered car has been manufactured by the German car company BMW. Very few were created, but what if more of these automobiles were now being driven on the roadways. The engine that powers the BMW Hydrogen 7 makes use of both gas and hydrogen. As technology develops, the day will come when the automobile can run on hydrogen exclusively, and gas won’t be needed.

Going Electric

Needless to say although the monetary benefits of an electric car are truly amazing you need to also recognize that you’ll not be polluting our earth. Big oil businesses is one of the major reasons our planet is polluted on a daily basis, and owning an electric car will help to lessen the grip that big oil has on you and your lifestyle. The Everything San Diego website is a great resource to learn more about this area. The pollution of our world is something that is incredibly serious and anything you can do to help reduce this will be advantageous.

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Of course with any new type of technology you’re going to find downsides and there is no exception here. The mileage which you can go on a charge is among the down sides of an electric car, and with most electric automobiles you will have the ability to drive about 100 miles before needing to charge your vehicle again. The fact would be that the majority of folks won’t need to travel over 100 miles as they simply use their vehicles to get to work and to get home again. Nevertheless you’ll find other individuals who have an issue with this if they wish to take their vehicles on long trips. This is certainly not the type of car that you would want to take on a cross country trip.

Getting an electric car might be one of the best options you have with regards to reducing pollution, saving money on gas and helping our world. While these cars as of right now are much more expensive than a traditional car, the savings that you end up getting in fuel more than compensate for this increased purchase price. Needless to say the $3000 savings every year would wind up meaning that you are saving $30,000 every 10 years. So if you’d like to help the planet along with your pocketbook simultaneously, buying an electric car could be a fantastic way for you to do this.

Purchasing a new car is usually a challenge for many car drivers anywhere you go. There are so many distinct models and so many options to choose from. Apart from finding a car to take you places, you buy a car because doing so makes you feel good. The choices you had in the past cannot compare with what we have in today’s market.

Meeting In The Middle With Hybrids

The emphasis of all facets of cars was re-structured somewhat, when the car manufacturing giants from Japan, Germany and the United States all wanted to dominate the world market. Each approached their car designs to enhance what they felt would improve sales. Physicists eventually justified the design alterations by saying the new advances made it easier to maintain speed. Thanks to modifications in the fuel market and negative impacts to our environment, hybrid cars were developed to relieve some of the stress. One of the first endeavors to lower our dependence on fuel was the electric car. It was not realistic to produce electric cars so a hybrid version was invented that used both electricity and gasoline to power a car. Car manufacturers have been looking for something that would remedy the need to cut the usage of gasoline which keeps rising.

There are autos, such as the Prius, which run on gas and electricity, due to fuel cell technology, but hydrogen combustion is approximately 10 years old. Producing an engine that can effectively use hydrogen to power a car or truck has been a major challenge. Water must be stored in 30 gallon tanks that can keep the water from evaporating. Although a car like the BMW H2R utilizes water for fuel, it also uses liquid nitrogen to power it so using a water hose to fill up is not sensible yet. The auto is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds and it has 285 horsepower with a top speed of 185.5 miles per hour.

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Using water and hydrogen to power the vehicle is a great idea since they don’t produce any hazardous pollutants into the environment. It weighs a lot less than hydrocarbon fuels, burns faster than regular fuel, and doesn’t give off carbon monoxide. Hopefully over the next 10 to 20 years, water as a green energy source in a vehicle will be more than a reality. When car dealerships think that it can be lucrative, the automakers will all be competing to see who can produce the best water-based automobile.

With the soaring price of gas, the best option for us at the moment is the electric auto. As the price of gasoline continues to increase, consumers are looking for alternatives to using fossil fuel automobiles. We can expect to see a green energy-powered automobile on the market in the near future. The only thing holding it back right now is the reluctance of people to believe that an automobile could run on water.

There’s a notion among car companies that more people might buy cars that don’t require fuel if fuel prices continue to rise. The electric car may have been a good idea, but the complications with operating the cars were far greater than the benefits meant for the users. The electric automobiles did point to the hybrids, which were able to combine the features that worked with gas powered vehicles. The outcome was automobiles that were able to drive as far as conventional cars on less fuel. The performance was attributable to several factors, such as smaller and more efficient engines, and regenerative braking capabilities. The elements employed to put together these cars tend to be lightweight and the design is aerodynamic plus the engine is programmed to shut off when idle.

In several locations throughout the world, and especially in North America, the interest in hybrid cars has increased dramatically. In spite of the high prices of hybrid vehicles, they are selling quite briskly throughout The States. While the number of hybrid models are increasing, there are more choices for the buyer which results in less traditional cars being sold. As a matter of fact, many car companies continue to create new designs and amenities for these hybrids and will make their debut in the next few years.

In a few years, you’ll be able to settle on whatever car you want and they will all be hybrids. Better products always make inferior ones obsolete, and the day will come when the hybrid vehicles will replace the traditional gas powered vehicles. You may want to wait until they continue to strengthen and come down in price, or you might to get one sooner rather than later.